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WestJet mechanics reject deal in ‘deeply concerning’ move, airline president says

11 Jun 2024 – Thanks to PN

Passengers stuck in Gander

11 Jun 2024 – Thanks to PN

Pivot Airlines finally touches down at Waterloo International Airport

10 Jun 2024 – Thanks to PN

WestJet ending flights from Hamilton to Atlantic Canada, reducing service to Florida

10 Jun 2024 – Thanks to PN

Toronto Pearson Airport is holding a large-scale explosion drill tonight. Here’s what to expect

8 Jun 2024 – Thanks to PN

‘Several’ injured after float plane, recreational boat collide in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour

8 Jun 2024 – Thanks to PN

Former astronaut William Anders, who took iconic Earthrise photo, dies in plane crash off Vancouver Island

7 Jun 2024 – Thanks to PN

Vancouver airport saw 31% increase in passengers in 2023

5 Jun 2024

WestJet announces UltraBasic fare with no carry-ons, no seat choice and no points

4 Jun 2024

Flair Airlines CEO to step down from low-cost carrier this summer

4 Jun 2024

Airline loses Ontario woman’s suitcase, doesn’t offer compensation for 3 months

4 Jun 2024 – Thanks to PN

Flight costs expected to keep rising: trade group

3 Jun 2024 – Thanks to PN

Aviation enthusiasts flood Regina Flying Club for annual open house

2 Jun 2024 – Thanks to PN

Air Canada pilots union say parties are far apart in talks

2 Jun 2024

WestJet ordered to pay B.C. traveller $1,300 for a missed flight connection

1 Jun 2024 – Thanks to PN

Flight attendants say they aren’t paid for boarding and other duties — and they want that changed

30 May 2024

Pivot Airlines moving its headquarters to Waterloo Region

29 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Flair Airlines’ winter schedule out of London International Airport announced

29 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Flying taxis, drones spark high hopes — and safety worries — among Canadians

28 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Air Canada flight bound for Delhi returns to Toronto Pearson airport after engine issue

28 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Unruly passenger’ forces WestJet flight to make emergency landing in B.C.

28 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Got thoughts on flying in Canada? The Competition Bureau wants to hear from you

27 May 2024

Canadians opt for ‘staycations’

26 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Girls Can Fly lands back at Region of Waterloo Airport

25 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Fatal plane crash reported near Squamish

25 May 2024

Mom misses flight due to error on plane ticket

24 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Defunct Lynx Air selling off life-jackets, oxygen masks in bid to recoup losses

24 May 2024

WestJet planning new fare category for travellers willing to forgo carry-on bag

22 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

WestJet’s integration of Sunwing delayed at least six months

20 May 2024

Lyon-bound Air Canada Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner from Montreal turns back midflight due to pressurization alert

18 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

It’s pure joy!’: B.C. pilot takes 96-year-old grandma on meaningful flight

18 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Small plane crashes just outside Toronto

18 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

How airports, including Canada’s busiest, are adapting to travel’s ‘new normal’

18 May 2024

WestJet resumes service to Deer Lake with new Toronto, Calgary flights

17 May 2024

CTA to investigate Flair for compliance with Canadian ownership rules

15 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Montreal’s international airport takes rival to court over name change

15 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

No refund for travellers who cancelled flight already scrapped by airline: regulator

13 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Balancing act: Canadian North’s first Inuk CEO juggles Arctic airline challenges

12 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Girls take flight with free lessons in Saskatoon

11 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Air Canada flight forced to make emergency landing at Dublin Airport

10 May 2024

Flair Airlines CEO bullish on future of discount airlines. Others aren’t so sure

10 May 2024

WestJet Encore pilots reject tentative deal; airline says no impact on operations

10 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Air France plane makes emergency landing in Iqaluit

8 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Safety board issues message to float-plane pilots on landing-site hazards

8 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Air Canada ranks near bottom on customer satisfaction: survey

8 May 2024

Air Canada cuts number of language complaints, still gets more than any other regulated institution

7 May 2024

Flair Airlines inaugural flight to St. John’s, Newfoundland takes off from the Region of Waterloo International Airport

6 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Saskatoon Airport hopes for quick resolution as WestJet mechanics’ lockout looms

6 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Half of all Canadian airline passenger complaints so far have been dismissed – with no explanation

4 May 2024

Flair CEO says it’s business as usual after backer cuts stake in discount airline

3 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

St. John’s Airport runway reopens after charter plane overshot runway

1 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Canadian air travel is too expensive’: WestJet CEO

1 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Shuttle buses start rolling between Waterloo Region and Pearson airports

1 May 2024 – Thanks to PN

Toronto’s Gate Gourmet employees to head back to work after ratifying tentative deal

30 Apr 2024

Canadian airline ordered to pay passenger for cancelled flight

30 Apr 2024

Airline catering company at Toronto Pearson reaches tentative agreement: union

29 Apr 2024

Canada grounded Boeing MAX-8s after chance encounter led to new data: docs

29 Apr 2024

AFN chief says Air Canada offered a 15% discount after her headdress was mishandled

26 Apr 2024

‘It’s more than rock stars’: New private jet facility a boost for London

26 Apr 2024 – Thanks to PN

New Air Canada seat selection fee paused following backlash

26 Apr 2024

Air passenger complaints backlog hits ‘crisis’ level as it swells to over 70,000

26 Apr 2024

Airlines scramble for food sources as catering strike lingers

23 Apr 2024

Flair flight cancellation leaves Guelph traveller stranded, uninformed

22 Apr 2024 – Thanks to PN

Waterloo couple lose big after Flair Airlines places bad bet on Las Vegas

22 Apr 2024 – Thanks to PN

Can Flair Airlines survive as Canada’s only remaining ultra-low-cost carrier?

20 Apr 2024

Air Canada flight lands safely despite ‘jammed stabilizer and multiple failures’

18 Apr 2024

Striking food service workers at Pearson Airport say meals on some flights will be impacted by labour action

16 Apr 2024

Defunct Lynx Air blames contractor for delayed passenger refunds

15 Apr 2024

Porter Airlines considering adding direct flights from Ottawa to California, Vegas, Caribbean

12 Apr 2024 – Thanks to PN

Flight leaving Toronto airport forced to abort takeoff due to nearby landing plane

12 Apr 2024 – Thanks to PN

Ontario couple missed 2 days of their week-long vacation due to a flight delay and cancellation. Here’s why they were denied compensation

11 Apr 2024 – Thanks to PN

Air Canada A320 family fleet to undergo significant Airbus flight deck upgrade

11 Apr 2024

Meals, beverages on some flights could be impacted by potential strike involving Toronto Pearson airport food service workers

10 Apr 2024 – Thanks to PN

Government of Alberta invests $144,000 to boost Cold Lake regional airport

10 Apr 2024

Warning light on Boeing 737 prompts Air Canada flight to make emergency landing

9 Apr 2024 – Thanks to PN

Canadian flights to be unaffected by total solar eclipse, airlines say

7 Apr 2024 – Thanks to PN

Canadian pilot who exposed Dominican Republic drug trafficking operation suing federal government, Pivot Airlines

7 Apr 2024 – Thanks to PN

No injuries reported after plane crash lands near Regina Beach airport, TSB reports

7 Apr 2024 – Thanks to PN

Transportation officials investigating ‘hard landing’ at Sault airport

4 Apr 2024 – Thanks to PN

What happened to 2 flight attendants from Pakistan who went missing in Canada

4 Apr 2024 – Thanks to PN

WestJet Encore pilots vote for strike mandate, adding to airline’s turbulence

2 Apr 2024

On camera: Regina police plane assists in high-speed chase leading to arrests

1 Apr 2024 – Thanks to PN

Air Canada’s Hong Kong jet maintenance deal amid China discord raises security concerns

1 Apr 2024

Safety board releases findings in tragic helicopter death near Wawa last summer

30 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

Flight Attendants From Pakistan have gone missing after landing in Toronto

28 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

The eye in the sky: An inside look at Regina’s police plane

28 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

Blind Sask. curlers say WestJet left them in the lurch after flight cancellation

27 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

Have a cancelled or delayed flight? Here’s how and when to get a refund

27 Mar 2024

Air Canada, Porter and other airlines argue Supreme Court should overturn rules requiring them to compensate passengers up to $1,000 for flight delays

26 Mar 2024

Flair Airlines “working overnight” to fix website booking issue

24 Mar 2024

Snowbirds preparing for busy season marking 100 years of the RCAF

22 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

Flair Airlines CEO says spring flight cuts not a reflection of finances

22 Mar 2024

WestJet Encore pilots hold information picket at Calgary International Airport

22 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

‘Passed like a baton’: Advocates, Air Canada CEO clash on accessible travel

19 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

No compensation after B.C. man says WestJet failed to deliver luggage to London

18 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

Ottawa passengers trapped in Mexico for days after Flair Airlines cancels flights

16 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

Crab meat, fish cakes in luggage that was delayed for several days, traveller gets $780 from Flair Airlines

15 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

Flair Airlines accuses financial services firm of withholding $25 million

13 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

U.S. airfares are lower than before the pandemic. Why Canadians won’t be so lucky

11 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

Woman gives birth on Air Canada flight from St. Lucia to Toronto with help from two doctors on board

9 Mar 2024

70 per cent of Air Canada pilots willing to walk away if pay doesn’t improve, union boss says

9 Mar 2024

International Women’s Day marked with all-women flyby at 15 Wing Moose Jaw

8 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

How Thunder Bay’s aviation industry hopes to bring more women and young people into the fold

8 Mar 2024

WestJet linking St. John’s to Hamilton, taking over old Swoop route

7 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

Video shows plane being hit by lightning after takeoff from YVR

6 Mar 2024

I’m too far away’: 5 Canadians dead in plane that crashed near downtown Nashville

5 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

Flair Airlines hopes to get some Lynx airplanes, even after shutdown scuttles deal

5 Mar 2024

Added fees may offset deals on low-cost Canadian airlines, analysts warn

3 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

Quebec mom says Air Canada bungled her family vacation because they overbooked the flight

3 Mar 2024 – Thanks to PN

Air Canada joins WestJet in hiking checked-bag fee. Could carry-on charges be next?

1 Mar 2024

Former Flair plane sitting at Waterloo Region airport

26 Feb 2024 – Thanks to PN

Port Alberni to Paris: Tseshaht member hits landing strip after 38 years as United Airlines pilot

25 Feb 2024

As Lynx heads to the discount airline graveyard, what options do travellers have?

23 Feb 2024

Lynx passengers face travel chaos after airline announces shutdown

23 Feb 2024

Air Canada passengers recount ‘hellish journey’ to Toronto after 10 delays, 1 cancelled flight

23 Feb 2024 – Thanks to PN

Flair Airlines apologizes, compensates B.C. passenger after failing to follow new law

23 Feb 2024 – Thanks to PN

Canadian airline ordered to pay $1,870 in negligence damages

19 Feb 2024

New Air Canada lounges for Montreal, Vancouver

19 Feb 2024

Vancouver-to-Toronto WestJet flight diverts to Winnipeg after passenger tries to open door

17 Feb 2024

Plane going from Ottawa to Orlando gets stuck in snow bank

16 Feb 2024 – Thanks to PN

Air Canada pilots see progress with mediator in fight for historic pay gains

15 Feb 2024

WestJet vows to do better for guests with disabilities amid complaints

15 Feb 2024

Flair Airlines & Lynx Air in merger talks: reports

15 Feb 2024 – Thanks to PN

Air Canada’s chatbot gave a B.C. man the wrong information. Now, the airline has to pay for the mistake

14 Feb 2024

WestJet could face costly delivery delays due to panel blowout on Boeing plane

13 Feb 2024

5 things you (probably) didn’t know about Vancouver International Airport

12 Feb 2024

2 female Inuit pilots made history flying together. They hope it’s a start

9 Feb 2024

Flair Airlines CEO foresees more domestic travel, shorter trips this year

8 Feb 2024

Air Canada flight stranded in the air for seven hours after three failed landing attempts

7 Feb 2024

‘We do make mistakes’: Air Canada CEO answers for airline’s ‘shocking’ accessibility services

6 Feb 2024

WestJet Cargo selects GSA Awesome Cargo for US flights

5 Feb 2024

Canadians should book their flights now as airline fares set to soar this summer, says expert

5 Feb 2024

Man, 57, dies after small plane crash in western Quebec

5 Feb 2024 – Published 1 Feb 2024 – Thanks to PH

Air Canada’s 1st female pilot recalls sector’s sexist hurdles on way to success

4 Feb 2024

Airlines call for roadmap to increase production of sustainable jet fuel

2 Feb 2024

Flair Airlines admits murky communication on passenger compensation

2 Feb 2024

Waterloo airport’s passenger traffic up more than 18% in 2023, region says

1 Feb 2024 – Thanks to PN

Pilots describe ‘bizarre’ lights and ‘triangles’ over Canada in air traffic control audio

31 Jan 2024 – Thanks to PN

Air Canada takes B.C. couple to court over flight delay complaint

30 Jan 2024

Flair airline CEO says debt, delivery delays put expansion plans on hold

30 Jan 2024

Halifax airport says it’s working to regain air traffic grounded by pandemic, especially to U.S.

30 Jan 2024

Flair Airlines reaches payment plan on $67 million in taxes owing

29 Jan 2024 – Thanks to PN

‘It’s just not right’: Passengers call out WestJet for breaching rebooking rules

25 Jan 2024

Passenger denied boarding Porter flight from Calgary to Toronto due to wheelchair

23 Jan 2024

Three dead, four in critical condition after ski-helicopter crashes in Northern B.C.

23 Jan 2024

WestJet retiring Disney-themed plane designs

22 Jan 2024

Porter Airlines CEO sees potential path to IPO within 5 years

18 Jan 2024

Vancouver Canucks plane briefly veers off taxiway at YVR as team comes home

16 Jan 2024

WestJet Encore pilots kick off conciliation, starting countdown to possible strike

16 Jan 2024

Small plane makes emergency landing in Ajax, Ont. after engine fails

16 Jan 2024

WestJet cancels more than 500 flights over 5 days leaving customers demanding compensation

15 Jan 2024

WestJet says extreme cold causing ‘significant’ operational impacts across Prairies

13 Jan 2024

Couple’s flight turns into 11-hour nightmare

11 Jan 2024

‘I wouldn’t fly them again’: Staffing shortages leave Flair flight grounded in Las Vegas

10 Jan 2024

Passenger on board plane at Pearson Airport opened cabin door, fell to tarmac: Air Canada

10 Jan 2024

Canadian travellers should check connecting flights after grounding of Boeing Max 9

8 Jan 2024

Helicopter pilot killed in crash near Revelstoke identified

8 Jan 2024

Rescuers search for missing helicopter travelling from Calgary believed to have crashed in B.C.

7 Jan 2024

Canadian airlines say they’re unaffected by Boeing 737-9 Max jetliner incident

6 Jan 2024

N.W.T. plane crash: How the RCAF led a rescue mission

6 Jan 2024

Air Canada ranks last for on-time performance in North America

2 Jan 2024

Ten people rescued from plane crash site in remote Northwest Territories

28 Dec 2023

Canadian flight attendants who fought sexism and won: ‘I was told to wear a skirt and to turn around’

27 Dec 2023

First Nations Technical Institute rebuild gets off the ground 2 years after devastating fire

27 Dec 2023

YVR flights delayed by Nav Canada issues on Christmas Eve

24 Dec 2023

Dozens left stranded in Breslau following rescheduled flight to Mexico

24 Dec 2023

Small plane makes emergency landing near Brantford, Ont.

22 Dec 2023

Air Canada flight makes emergency landing in Newfoundland due to burning electrical odour

21 Dec 2023

No Air Canada flight delay compensation for man departing Kelowna

20 Dec 2023

Calgary couple calls out Air Canada after discovering their flight to Hawaii no longer exists

20 Dec 2023

Aircraft landing at Toronto airport forced to avoid ‘distracted’ employee on runway: report

20 Dec 2023

Norman Wells, N.W.T., is running out of aviation fuel

18 Dec 2023

‘Smoke screen’: Canadian airlines use NDAs to keep a lid on passenger settlements

17 Dec 2023

Flair launches inaugural flight to Las Vegas from Waterloo Region’s airport

16 Dec 2023

Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Toronto diverted due to ‘uncomfortably cool’ cockpit

14 Dec 2023

Passenger arrested after pilot declares mayday on Norman Wells, N.W.T., flight

14 Dec 2023

At least one Canadian airline will be gone within two years, Porter CEO predicts

13 Dec 2023

Homecoming: Retiring Air Canada pilot shares cockpit with daughter on final flight

12 Dec 2023

Porter Airlines flight bound for Billy Bishop airport diverts to Pearson as ‘precaution’

12 Dec 2023

Passengers lodge in military barracks after Amsterdam-to-Detroit flight is forced to land in Canada

12 Dec 2023

Flight safety oversight in Canada is plunging, according to confidential UN agency draft report

7 Dec 2023

Today in history: Calgary-based Canadian Airlines swallowed up by Air Canada

5 Dec 2023

Pilots flock to Buttonville to say goodbye to the airport where they learned to fly

30 Nov 2023

Search for Air Canada employee who saved a life

29 Nov 2023

Family booted off Air Canada flight now calling for changes

29 Nov 2023

Minor denied hotel room by Air Canada after flight delayed, mother says

28 Nov 2023

WestJet says your winter coat isn’t considered carry-on

28 Nov 2023

Canadian travellers on PLAY airline favour Amsterdam and Lisbon

27 Nov 2023 – Thanks to PN

WestJet flight diverted to Vancouver because of fog

27 Nov 2023

PortsToronto says more runway space needed at Billy Bishop airport to comply with federal regulations

22 Nov 2023 – Published 20 Nov 2023

‘Humiliating’: Former Paralympian forced to haul herself up stairs to board WestJet flight

21 Nov 2023

3 missing letters in his name cost man $10K trip after Air Transat and Porter fail to fix ticket

21 Nov 2023

Federal committee launches investigation into accessibility issues at Canadian airlines

21 Nov 2023

Canadian airlines rank last for on-time arrivals in North America

20 Nov 2023

Luggage lost during WestJet domestic flight tracked down in Jamaica

19 Nov 2023

Trudeau takes first official flight on new VIP federal government jet

15 Nov 2023

Air Canada Boeing 777-300 encountered dangerous wind shear on landing at Toronto Airport

14 Nov 2023

WestJet Cargo and Flexport partner on Canadian airfreight exports

14 Nov 2023

‘I felt vulnerable’: BC woman with disability disappointed in YVR, Flair Airlines

12 Nov 2023

B.C. woman’s wheelchair arrives on WestJet flight days late and is then damaged on the way home

10 Nov 2023

Sask. mom says 4-year-old daughter left waiting for weeks after WestJet broke wheelchair

9 Nov 2023

Flair announces new flights from Waterloo regional airport

9 Nov 2023 – Thanks to PN

Ford government forced to fix rushed zoning order that put tower on flight path

6 Nov 2023- Thanks to PN

Advocates call for more disability training for airline staff after Air Canada incidents

6 Nov 2023

Regina police say people keep pointing lasers at their plane

6 Nov 2023

Winter travel season extended as Air Transat kicks off flights to sunny destinations out of London, Ont.

6 Nov 2023 – Thanks to PN

Flair to increase flights to Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo next summer

5 Nov 2023 – Published 1 Nov 2023

Air Canada summoned to Ottawa after multiple incidents involving passengers with wheelchairs

3 Nov 2023

Air Canada admits it violated disability regulations in case of B.C. man

3 Nov 2023

Flair Airlines vows to restore Canadian destinations next summer after focusing winter routes to southern sunspots

1 Nov 2023 – Thanks of PN

Travellers vent as WestJet announces baggage, seat selection fee hikes in November

1 Nov 2023

Flair Airlines Expands Operations to the Dominican Republic, Charting a New Course in Caribbean Aviation

31 Oct 2023 – Thanks to PN

Small plane crashes, catches fire in Surrey, BC

30 Oct 2023 – Thanks to PN

New inclusive coffee bar to open at YVR

29 Oct 2023

Passenger forced to drag himself off Air Canada flight after airline failed to provide wheelchair assistance

27 Oct 2023

Non-stop flights to Dubai set to depart from YVR

28 Oct 2023 – Thanks to PN

Air Canada offering cash or vouchers to settle compensation claims it says are baseless

27 Oct 2023

Couple takes WestJet to court for delayed flights to Toronto and wins

25 Oct 2023 – Thanks to PN

Airline forgets federal chief accessibility officer’s wheelchair in Toronto

21 Oct 2023

Toronto-bound Air Canada flight performs emergency landing in Houston

18 Oct 2023 – Thanks to PN

More than half of Canadian flight delays are caused by reasons within airlines’ control, new data shows

12 Oct 2023

How did a thief pull off a $20M gold heist at Pearson? Lawsuit reveals new details

10 Oct 2023

3 dead after small plane crashes in Chilliwack, B.C.

6 Oct 2023 – Thanks to PN

A WestJet plane was grounded in August after unapproved parts found

3 Oct 2023

WestJet temporarily suspends flights between Toronto and Montreal

3 Oct 2023 – Thanks to PN

Arajet latest entrant to Canada’s crowded budget airline market

2 Oct 2023 – Thanks to PN

B.C. couple’s dream vacation ruined after Air Canada refuses to take bags off flight

2 Oct 2023 – Published 28 Sep – Thanks to PN

Airline industry claims traveller safety at risk with proposed passenger rights rules

29 Sep 2023

With sun in mind, Flair Airlines pauses winter flights from Waterloo Region to most Canadian cities

22 Sep 2023 – Thanks to PN

Flair Airlines reduces Thunder Bay to seasonal service

22 Sep 2023 – Published 6 Sep – Thanks to PN

Toronto man wins disability accommodation fight against Air Canada

9 Sep 2023

Air Canada Airbus hits another aircraft on YVR tarmac, airline says

3 Sep 2023

Sunwing Flight for Montreal Gets Stuck on Cuba Runway

30 Aug 2023

Air Canada routes out of Calgary slashed in face of ongoing pilot shortage

30 Aug 2023

Flair CEO says airline flying high — enough to stave off ‘growing pains,’ large loans

22 Aug 2023

Kelowna airport closed to clear airspace for firefighting efforts

18 Aug 2023

Airshow London takes flight this September

16 Aug 2023 – Thanks to PN

‘Bam’: WestJet plane clips military aircraft on ramp in Comox, B.C.

9 Aug 2023

Dreaming of your next winter getaway? Flair announces new sun destinations out of London, Ont

1 Aug 2023 – Thanks to PN

Flair Airlines doubles flights from Kitchener to Las Vegas, ends Punta Cana route

2 Aug 2023 – Thanks to PN

Are low-cost airlines actually cheaper? A comparison of three carriers that fly out of YQG

2 Aug 2023 – Thanks to PN

Nav Canada launches new online account to track delays at major airports

31 Jul 2023

Canadian airline ordered to reimburse travellers’ delay expenses

26 Jul 2023

Everything you need to know about using YVR’s new ‘operational snapshot’ for flights

25 Jul 2023

Witnesses describe dramatic pilot rescue after plane crashes into Belwood Lake

25 Jul 2023 – Thanks to PN

Kelowna airport worker hospitalized after being hit by aircraft tug

20 Jul 2023 – Published 14 Jul 2023 – Thanks to Ken

Bride scrambles to fly guests to Las Vegas after Swoop cancels flights

13 Jul 2023 – Thanks to PN

Region of Waterloo International Airport marks busiest day ever

10 Jul 2023 – Thanks to PN

Supersonic jet replica may land in its Mississauga home sooner than later

8 Jul 2023 – Published 20 Mar 2023 – Thanks to MB

A220 jet could rank among commercial aviation’s biggest successes: Airbus

29 Jun 2023

Dozens of flights delayed at Vancouver International Airport, cause ‘resolved’

24 Jun 2023

Air Canada flight has tense moments mid-air as pilot becomes ‘incapacitated’

22 Jun 2023 – Thanks to PN

Porter Airlines Adds Winnipeg To Embraer E195-E2 Network

22 Jun 2023

Snowbirds pilot reassigned after accusation of sexual misconduct

17 Jun 2023

WestJet to shut down Sunwing Airlines, merge it with mainline business

17 Jun 2023 – Thanks to PN

Demise of rival Swoop will not lead Flair Airlines away from Region of Waterloo airport, Flair CEO says

15 Jun 2023 – Published 12 Jun 2023 – Thanks to PN

Picnics at Montreal’s unique plane-spotting park risk bird strikes: airport

13 Jun 2023

Buttonville Airport in Markham set to shutdown Nov. 30 after serving GTA for 60 years

4 Jun 2023 – Published 2 Jun 2023

Air Canada plans bespoke ‘Book The Cook’ meals in business class

4 Jun 2023

Air Canada flight communicator system breaks down, causing widespread delays

1 Jun 2023

New jets for official travel won’t have a private cabin for the PM

30 May 2023

Air Canada pilots end 10-year contract framework, eye bargaining

29 May 2023

WestJet pilots deal grants 24% pay raise over four years

26 May 2023

Canadian airline ordered to pay B.C. pair $1,400 for flight delays

26 May 2023

Air Canada A321XLR: “private flatbed suites” in business class

26 May 2023

Airlines’ new routes from N.W.T. to Ontario can capitalize on international tourism, expert says

24 May 2023

New agreement with WestJet pilots could mean the end of Swoop: sources

22 May 2023

Air Canada to add flights to Montreal and Toronto from Saint John

21 May 2023 – Published 19 May 2023

B.C. man who was denied boarding by Flair Airlines wins compensation

19 May 2023

Air Canada nears 787 deal with Boeing as widebody demand jumps

17 May 2023

Labour expert says WestJet pilots have a ‘strong case’ as strike looms over long weekend plans

17 May 2023

Papple Aviation to offer weekend air service between Goderich and downtown Toronto

16 May 2023 – Published 04 May 2023 – Thanks to PN

New surveillance aircraft for Canadian special forces to start arriving later this year

16 May 2023

Windsor airport has one-month runway before any impact from looming WestJet pilot strike

16 May 2023

Air Canada plans to increase capacity by 23% this year — will the airports be ready?

16 May 2023

New low-cost flights out of Fredericton are in for the long haul, says airline CEO

12 May 2023

WestJet plane engine catches fire after landing at Toronto Pearson

10 May 2023

WestJet pilots may go on strike in 1 week — what this could mean for passengers

10 May 2023

Air Canada, WestJet score below average in customer satisfaction: survey

10 May 2023

With travel demand high, Canada’s airports and airlines vow this summer won’t be so bad

09 May 2023

Travel chaos could be imminent as WestJet pilots picket ahead of a possible strike

08 May 2023

CAN News – Daily Update Subscription Service Returns

08 May 2023

WestJet pilots prepare for strike with ‘informational picket’

06 May 2023

Virgin Australia and Air Canada deepen ties

06 May 2023

CAN News – 7,000+ News Releases going back to 2018 have been uploaded from our Old Home

04 May 2023

CAN News – Air Creebec added to our Airline Fleets – thanks to DJ

04 May 2023

Not every airline can succeed in Canada’s crowded market: Flair CEO

02 May 2023

WestJet and Air Line Pilots Association still negotiating as strike deadline looms, union says

02 May 2023

No serious injuries after plane crash near Ottawa airport

17 Apr 2023

WestJet adds new flights from Detroit

13 Apr 2023

Flair Airlines’ promise for improved service leaves customers divided

08 Apr 2023

Sask. Polytech students learning on new flight simulator

07 Apr 2023

Flair Airlines tells Waterloo region travellers it’s ‘around for the long term’

05 Apr 2023

Months after launching, discount airline Canada Jetlines temporarily pulls out of Calgary market

05 Apr 2023


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